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 Hack Submission Guidelines 2009

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PostSubject: Hack Submission Guidelines 2009   Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:43 pm

These will be the guidelines for the rest of the year. Note they made be changed at any time.

1. ROMs are not allowed. You must submit an IPS file instead, since they are not illegal like ROMs. Click here to learn how to make an IPS file. ANY ROMS SUBMITTED WILL GET YOU BANNED FOR 72 HOURS THE FIRST TIME, AND IF YOU DO IT AGAIN, YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM YI TEAM!

2. No graphical glitches. Things like cut-offness, bad palettes, glitched tiles and etc are unnacceptable.

3. No blatant level edits will be accepted. Remove all remnants from the original level you are editing before submitting the IPS. This can be done so by using the "Clear" option in the EggVine "Level" tab.

4. Please at least have three levels before submitting a demo. There are some special exceptions, like if you have a one-level hack.

5. Keep the hack fair, but keep it at a legitimate difficulty!
Do not have things such as stuck-forever spots, hordes of enemies cluttered up together, but have some room for error, especially in earlier levels. Always have an extra star cloud so that the player can at least get hit without doing the stage all over again. But don't hold the player's hand all the time. There is such a thing as too easy. That means you shouldn't put things like thousands of stars/1UPs/Mid-Rings/etc.

6. Have a difficulty curve.
Start the hack a bit easy, and then make it harder with every world. The first world should NOT be as hard as the fourth, for example.

7. Test your hack on all major emulators (ZSNES and SNES 9X) so that all players can have a good time playing the hack without slowdown or crashes.

8. Take your time on the level design making it fun, and it will have more chances of being accepted.

9. Proofread your messages for grammar/spelling issues. Get someone to help if English isn't your main language.

10. Test, test, TEST!!! Only submit the IPS file when there are no bugs and glitches you can find, and make sure the patch works before submitting as well. Get beta-testers if you're not sure.

That's it. Follow these and your hack will most likely get accepted. Happy hacking!

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1-2: Yoshi Tribe's Sky Voyage!: 100%

1-3: The Tap-taps are Rocking It!: 100%

1-4: The Many Sewers of Bad Boing: 0%
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Hack Submission Guidelines 2009
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