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 Hack Submission Guidelines 2009

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Hack Submission Guidelines 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Hack Submission Guidelines 2009   Hack Submission Guidelines 2009 EmptyTue Sep 15, 2009 3:20 pm

For the rest of the year these will be the hack submission guidelines... Any Global Mods Or Jeorge535 can edit this for any more rules they wish to add...

1. NO ROMS! If you wish to submit a hack you must create a IPS Patch of it... Click here to see how to create one. ANY ROMS SUBMITTED WILL LEAD YOU TO A 3 DAY BAN! DO IT AGAIN AND YOU WILL GET A PERMA-BAN FROM YI TEAM!

2. No level edits! What I mean by this is to press Ctrl+Delete before making a new level. But 104, C5, C7 and 3 are not included in this.

3. No graphical glitches! This is where the GFX look horrible. And no bad pallettes that hurt eyes!

4. Demos must be atleast 5 levels long. Unless your hack is a special hack that is like a easter special or something.

5. The player should not be able to die in the title screen or intro!
The title screen can screw up if you get a star, P-Switch, enter a door/pipe, or die. Don't do it.

6. Do not add imature content...
You should understand roughly what is mature and whats not.

7. KAIZO HACKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! Please put them in the Kaizo thread. There will be a link here if someone creates it.

8. NO BLIND JUMPS! If you must have one please put coins in to lead the way.

9. Please test your hack on all major emulators... Please update if you find any...

10. Take time over level design, the hack will have more chance of getting accepted then.

11. Spelling and grammar must be correct.
Good: Welcome to Mario's Universe. Here Mario must go and kill Bowser in this giant galaxy.
Bad: welcom 2 my hak of smw ther is a big lvl at da end so ave fun
I'm no good at writing like this so bear with me.

Follow these rules and your hack will definately get accepted!
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Hack Submission Guidelines 2009
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