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 The Staff List

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Title : I can't wait until we move away from this shitty forum.
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The Staff List Empty
PostSubject: The Staff List   The Staff List EmptyMon Aug 31, 2009 8:54 pm

This is the list of the current staff on this website



These people have control over every aspect of the site, from the forum names, to members profiles. They also have full moderation rights in every forum. If you find a bug with the site itself, these are the people you'd want to contact.

Global Moderators:


These people moderate all of the forums. If you spot a behavioural problem, such as a frequent spammer, these are people to call.

Local Moderators

HylianYoshi (Moderates: Talk, Art, World of Insanity)
Marisa (Moderates: Forum Games, SMW Hacking)
Electron (Moderates: SMW Hacking, Talk)

These people moderate specific forums, as stated. If you have a problem with a perticular forum, take it up with its Local Mod first, before getting a higher authority involved.

Italic = On leave until further notice.

YI Hack

World 3

3-1: The Mighty Jungle
3-2: Monkey Shenanigans
3-3: The Secret Ruins
3-4: Prince Froggy's Fort
3-5: Spear Guys' Hideout
3-6: Watermelon Mania (WIP)
3-7: Piranha Sewer (WIP)

More is here!
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The Staff List
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