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 Important: Forum Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Important: Forum Posting Rules   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:49 pm

1. When making a hack thread, please at least show 2 screenshots. If not, Thundahack, myself or Jeorge535 will give you at least a day or 2, and then if no screenshot is posted by then, it will be closed and possibly even trashed. However, if the screens show nothing but garbage, the post may be deleted.

2. When asking a question, at least put some detail into your problem. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Just don't overreact. No

Example of a bad question:
i need help expading bytes but i don't know how can someone help me?!!

3. Please read the FAQ before you post a thread with your question.

4. Don't post any off-topic threads here. They will be moved to the correct forum, but if it's garbage, then it will instead be trashed.

Failure to follow these rules will first result in a warning, then a 24-hour ban. If you break these rules too much, however, then a permanent ban may be issued. Sad Feel free to add suggestions if any.
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Important: Forum Posting Rules
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