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 BG color guide

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BG color guide Empty
PostSubject: BG color guide   BG color guide EmptyFri Nov 20, 2009 1:56 am

Here's a little guide that shows all 31 BG gradients available for hacking use. Not all of them are very good, though.

0: Pitch black
1: Dark blue w/o gradient
2: Bright blue w/o gradient (very eye-burning!)
3: Similar to 2 but lighter. Still no gradient
4: Even lighter than 2 and 3
5: Pale yellow w/o gradient
6: Magenta w/o gradient
7: Blue, lighter than 1 but darker and paler than 2, w/o gradient
8: Very light blue w/o gradient
9: Purple w/o gradient
10: Similar to 1
11: Fuchsia w/o gradient (another bad one)
12: Same as 2
13: Beige w/o gradient
14: Mauve w/o gradient
15: Pitch black
16: Starts off black at the bottom, then becomes dark pale yellow as it ascends, then back to black
17: Starts off lavender at the bottom, then blue, then red/violet, then bright rose pink as it ascends
18: Starts off red/orange, then black, then bright blue as it ascends
19: Starts off very bright pale blue, then gets darker until black as it ascends
20: Starts off dark brown, then orange, then back to brown as it ascends
21: Starts off pink, then bluish purple, then bright rose pink as it ascends
22: Starts off red, then yellow, then red as it ascends
23: Similar to 22, but lighter, and the red comes back quicker
24: Starts off very light yellow, then blue, which gets darker as it ascends
25: Starts off "skin tone", then magenta, which slowly becomes blue as it ascends
26: Similar to 24, but the yellow is even lighter, and the blue is slightly greener
27: Starts off cyan, then blue, then purple, then red, then yellow, then back to cyan as it ascends (this one is pretty!)
28: Starts off a dark red/violet, then gets lighter until white as it ascends
29: Starts off cyan, then becomes a sky blue that gets darker as it ascends
30: Starts off fiery red, then purple, then blue, then black, then purple, then bright rose pink as it ascends
31: Starts off light orange, then gets darker until red as it ascends
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BG color guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: BG color guide   BG color guide EmptyFri Nov 20, 2009 2:24 am

[sarcasm] Nice cut-and-paste.[/sarcasm] I saw this on SMWC. You know, the word "ascend" actually means to go up, not down. (Where it says "ascend" should actually say "descend". I've seen some of these gradients myself)

I'm going to take a break from hacking for a while. I think I need to chill for a bit, focus a little more on life, and get back to working for my Grandmother again.
Hopefully when I come back, I'll have a great new mood, and fresh new YI hack ideas!

I've had "Hacker's block" for the past several weeks.

Yes, I work for my Grandma rather than get a real job...
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BG color guide
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