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 The Big Boo's Legion 2 - The Curse of the Magic Wand

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PostSubject: The Big Boo's Legion 2 - The Curse of the Magic Wand   Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:31 pm

Probably a few from you noticed the thread at C3 about the hack. The Big Boo's Legion saga returns, with more exciting story, levels, and more! Not only the graphics, the palettes will be improved, the story and the whole hack will be more complex. The level count is more decent now: I plan about 40-50 levels (the first episode was a short hack with 10 levels).
So, what's done for now:
- about 11 levels
- a very little part of the OW (with events)
- the title screen, intro, story development

Probably I'll release the hack in 2010. It will take very much time to make it, but I won't cancel it, I'm sure.

- Many-many ExGFX
- Bunch of custom sprites and blocks
- Custom boss battles
- nice choose of custom musics

What's the plot for now? Check out this epic trailer, and find out! ^^

Hope you liked it, now here are a few screenshots:

The title screen.

The first actual level, the Wooden Bridge. Some places it's breakable, so be careful!

The second level: Rocky Path!

This is the second part of Rocky Path, a dark cave.

And the pirate ship level.

I hope you like them, please give me feedback and comment in this thread! I'm really interested for your comments, and I'll update this thread quite often. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Big Boo's Legion 2 - The Curse of the Magic Wand   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:55 pm

Wow I like it Very Happy (dejavu)
I like the Title screen.
I wanna PLAY!!!! xP
Really it's awesome. I can't see any cut-offs and no possible glitches.
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The Big Boo's Legion 2 - The Curse of the Magic Wand
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