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Yon SEARCH Adventure1

"Yon SEARCH hath begun. Yon THUNDAYOSHI goes outside Yon HOUSE, and begins Yon WALK, going to find Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD to complete Yon SEARCH. He stumbles upon Yon PACKAGE. In Yon PACKAGE there art Yon MAP and Yon ICONS. Yoshi deduceth that he shall follow Yon MAP, going in order of Yon ICONS to find Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD. So Yoshi deduceth he starteth at Yon GUY PLAINS. In tither, he confronteth Yon GUY CREW.

-- Ye'd like to pass? - said Yon RED GUY.

-- Yea. - said THUNDAYOSHI

-- Ye art going to hath to pass us firest! - RED GUY attacked, along with GIANT GUY and SPEAR GUYS.

THUNDAYOSHI jumpeth RED GUY and SWALLOWED him. Then used Yon EGG that hath been created to attack Yon SPEAR GUY, then Yon GIANT GUY by SWALLOWING. The ARMORED SPEAR GUYS stood to be Yon BOTHER with Yon SHIELDS, but were defeated after Yon 5 MINUTES.

-- Let we go. -- said THUNDAYOSHI.

He continued on, hoping for Yon BEST."


Yon SEARCH Adventure2

"Following Yon MAP, THUNDAYOSHI went to Yon BUMPTY MOUNTAIN, whereas he foundeth Yon FREEZE LEAGUE. They were Yon group of BUMPTIES (verily), DR. FREEZEGOODS, and SWOOPERS. Along Yon MOUNTAINOUS FLOOR and Yon FROZEN LAKES, there were Yon SHARPETH SPIKES, which appeareth deadlieth to touch. In tither, there was also Yon BOUNCEBALL, in all its Yon BOUNCY GLORY. Yon TREES and Yon SPROUTS decorated Yon BUMPTY MOUNATIN, as well as several oddly-shaped Yon CLOUDS. THUNDAYOSHI approached Yon BOUNCEBALL, but Yon BUMPTY stooped him.

-- Goest thou up? - asked Yon BUMPTY.

-- Nay, methinks I needeth exploreth down hither. - answered THUNDAYOSHI.

-- Ok.

THUNDAYOSHI continueth ahead, though he only foundeth a a few TREES, a DR. FREEZEGOOD, and a SWOOPER resting on Yon UPSIDEDOWN FROZEN LAKE. THUNDAYOSHI then returneth to Yon BUMPTY.

-- Goest thou up? - asked Yon BUMPTY again.

-- Yea, this time. - THUNDAYOSHI answered.

-- Art thou really? Mayhap I should...

Suddenly, Yon BUMPTY's eyes turneth bright red, and Yon LOUD EARTHQUAKE took placeth. Yon eyes of other Yon BUMPTIES, SWOOPERS and DR. FREEZEGOODS talso turneth bright red. THUNDAYOSHI was startled.

-- ...introduce myself... - continued Yon BUMPTY, with a voice much more evil - ...I am Yon GENERAL BUMP, destroyer of Yon TRESSPASSERS!!!


-- Well then, mayhap I should introduce myself aswell... - he said - ...I am THUNDAYOSHI, destroyer of those who defy!!!

THUNDAYOSHI charged at Yon GENERAL BUMP. Yon GENERAL cameth at full speed, but THUNDAYOSHI jumped at Yon PERFECT MOMENT, and went right over him. This startled Yon GENERAL, who ordered Yon ARMY to attack. When THUNDAYOSHI was jumping on Yon BOUNCEBALL, a SWOOPER and a DR. FREEZEGOOD attacked him. He avoided Yon SWOOPER, but Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD nailed him in Yon FACE. THUNDAYOSHI and Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD were falling, followed by Yon SWOOPER. However, THUNDAYOSHI took Yon CHANCE and used Yon GROUNDPOUND on Yon FROZEN lake. It cracked, and THUNDAYOSHI got out of tither. Startled, DR. FREEZEGOOD could do nothing. He crashed into Yon FROZEN LAKE and broke Yon ICE, then dive into Yon WATER along with startled Yon SWOOPER, where they both DROWNED to DEATH.

THUNDAYOSHI was being followed around by Yon GENERAL, and he jumped into Yon BOUNCEBALL. As soon as he did, though, Yon BUMPTY and another Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD came from Yon CLOUDS and were CRASHING DOWN. THUNDAYOSHI expertly used Yon FLUTTER KICK, and avooideth them. Yon GENERAL did the Yon same thing, but was hit by Yon DR.FREEZEGOOD anyways. All three fell in Yon WATER, and Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD and Yon BUMPTY met Yon DEMISE. However, Yon GENERAL used Yon SWIMMING SKILLS and clearly jumpeth out of Yon WATER. He followed THUNDAYOSHI, who had bested yet another Yon SWOOPER and Yon Bumpty with Yon GROUNDPOUND. Yon GENERAL used Yon TWISTFLY, but THUNDAYOSHI evaded. Yon GENERAL crashed in remaining Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD and Yon BUMPTY, rendering them to ashes with Yon FIRE from Yon TWISTFLY. When he passed Yon FLOATING FROZEN LAKE, he melted Yon ICE, which freedeth Yon GUYS. They were confused, but THUNDAYOSHI asked them to help stop Yon GENERAL, and they complieth. Yin GUYS wrapped themselves around Yon FIRE, turning into Yon FIRE GUYS, and used their bodies to stopped and defeat Yon GENERAL.

THUNDAYOSHI explained why he had to pass to Yon GENERAL and Yon FIRE GUYS, Yon FIRE GUYS thanked him and Yon GENERAL apologizeth. He explaineth that all Yon TRESSPASSERS ever did was destroy Yon MOUNTAIN, so he hated them.

-- I promise that with the help of my new found friends, Yon FIREGUYS, I shall maketh this into Yon PEACEFUL MOUNATIN for all of Yon MOUNTAIN POPULATION. - said Yon General, who had revealed his name and now would be called Yon GENERAL JEORGE.

-- Yea. - said Yon FIRE GUYS - We shall make this Yon PEACEFUL MOUNTAIN, but we shall fight if anyone trieth to destroy it. Thanks thee, THUNDAYOSHI, for helping all us.

-- No problem. - said THUNDAYOSHI - Now I should goeth to continueth Yon SEARCH.

-- Fare thee well, hero. - said JEORGE and Yon FIRE GUYS.

-- Fare thee well to, my friends.

THUNDAYOSHI walked away as his newfound friends restored Yon PEACEFUL MOUNTAIN."


Yon SEARCH Adventure3

"THUNDAYOSHI, after helping Yon MOUNTAIN, found himself leaving Yon FROZEN LAND. Yon ATMOSPHERE started getting hotter and hotter, Yon GRASS coming to view. Soon THUNDAYOSHI found himself on Yon STONES, and there were Yon WOODEN PLATFORMS floating in Yon AIR. Yon WOODEN POLES adorned Yon STONES after Yon GRASS dissapeared in Yon DISTANCE behind THUNDAYOSHI. In Yon DISTANCE in Yon FRONT, there was more Yon GRASS, but something was strange about Yon GRASS. There were small Yon SPIKED VINES moving through Yon GROUND, really sharp Yon SPIKES destroying the ground. THUNDAYOSHI dareth go near it and Yon SPIKED VINES went faster, cutting through Yon GROUND so fast that pieces of Yon GROUND were sent flying across Yon AIR. Yon GROUND shook a tad, Yon WATERFALLS running fastly in Yon BACKGROUND. Then Yon GROUND shook so hard, Yon STONES and Yon POLES did as well. THUNDAYOSHI decided that waiting would do nothing, so he approached Yon SPIKED VINES. Yon SPIKED VINES abruptly stopped.

There was Yon EXPLOSION.

Yon GROUND flied through Yon AIR, blinding THUNDAYOSHI, who fell onto Yon POLE in Yon CRACKING STONES. Yon SHADOWS were present in Yon SMOKE that hath appeared after Yon EXPLOSION. Yon CIRCULAR SHADOW was connected to Yon STRAIGHT SHADOW, which ended in Yon HOLE in Yon GROUND. A lot of Yon SHADOWS danced in Yon SMOKE, and they appeared to have Yon... HEADS at Yon END. Yon CIRCULAR SHADOW started coming into view, as well as Yon STRAIGHT SHADOW, as THUNDAYOSHI finnaly realizeth he was in Yon PIRANHA RIVER.

It was Yon NAVAL PIRANHA. Yon GIANT HEAD had several sharp Yon TEETH and smiled at THUNDAYOSHI. Yon GIANT HEAD was attached to Yon MAIN SPIKED VINE, which had Yon BELLY BUTTON attached to it. From Yon HOLE came other various SPIKED VINES, with Yon SMALL HEADS at Yon END. THUNDAYOSHI knew he was defenseless. He could not produce Yon EGGS without Yon ENEMIES around. However he had Yon FEELING inside Yon BODY, and he started to twitch. Then, magically, Yon EGGS materialized in Yon HAND. They were six. Yon NAVAL PIRANHA's smiled faded at first, but soon came back. It was Yon CONFIDENT SMIRK. THUNDAYOSHI got up in Yon POLE and prepared Yon EGG in Yon HAND. It was time for Yon BATTLE!

THUNDAYOSHI launched Yon EGG at Yon GIANT HEAD. NAVAL PIRANHA HEADBUTTED Yon EGG, and it broke without damaging NAVAL PIRANHA. THUNDAYOSHI jumpeth at NAVAL PIRANHA's GIANT head, and grabbed Yon TEETH. Before he could do anything, Yon SPIKED VINES WITH SMALL HEADS lunged at him, but he threw two Yon EGGS at them. However, they crashed into Yon EGGS with no problem, and sendeth THUNDAYOSHI flying across to Yon WATERFALLS. THUNDAYOSHI was grabbed by Yon CURRENT, but used Yon FLUTTER KICK and got back to Yon STONES, which were cracking.

Yon SPIKED VINES lunged at him again, but he avoideth.However two EGGS were hit and lost. There was only one EGG left.

THUNDAYOSHI was grabbed by Yon VINES and was being suffocated to death. He watched as NAVAL PIRANHA smiled Yon VICTORY SMIRK, and was saddened that he could not fulfill his mission. What would his friend, YOSHIBOY think of him if he would die or not make it in time. He could not die here. He had made Yon PROMISE! With the last of his strenght, he closed his eyes and threw Yon LAST EGG without looking, and said his prayers.

He felt launched through the air, then landed in a barely not destroyed STONE.

Weak, he opened his eyes. What he saw shocked him. NAVAL PIRANHA was on the ground. Not moving. With Yon BELLY BUTTON slightly smashed.

-- I hath slayeth... - thought him - ... Yon NAVAL PIRANHA...

-- I... - he heard an echoing, womanly Yon VOICE - ... I... shall not... be defeated!

Yon GROUND shook once more. Yon STONES and POLES were crumbling, but were still tither. Yon WATERFALLS raged fiercely, and it seemed that Yon EARTH was about to implodeth. That's when it happened.

NAVAL PIRANHA got up so fast, Yon WIND cut through Yon GRASS. It raged and all Yon VINES, including the one with Yon BELLY BUTTON and Yon HEAD, lunged at THUNDAYOSHI, destroying all Yon WOODEN PLATFORMS and Yon POLES and a few Yon STATUES. There were only three statues now, and those were mightly crumbling. Since THUNDAYOSHI was weak, he could only produceth one Yon EGG. He knew what he had to do. He had to hiteth Yon BELLY BUTTON at all costs.

He fiercely charged, avoiding Yon Vines lunging at him. He jumped Yon WIDE GAP, and landed on Yon GROUND, in front of NAVAL PIRANHA. However, Yon HOLE was still there. THUNDAYOSHI almost fell, but was still damaged by Yon SPIKED VINES. He hadeth to do something about them. He jumpeth at Yon SMALL HEAD, and landed on another, then the third one. They all fiercely followed him. He passed Yon BELLY BUTTON VINE, and landed on Yon FOURTH SMALL HEAD. Then the fifth, then sixth. All were following him. He used Yon FLUTTER KICK and passed Yon GIANT HEAD, then did the same thing again. Yon VINES strangled Yon BIG VINE, and Yon HEAD was grasping for Yon AIR. THUNDAYOSHI took Yon CHANCE and hiteth Yon BELLY BUTTON with Yon EGG so hard, it was fiercely smashed.

NAVAL PIRANHA let out a gigantic ROAR. Everything shook, and it fell in Yon HOLE, and was not able to be seen. THUNDAYOSHI was relieved, but it was not over.

Faster than ever, two SPIKED VINES crashed into two of the remaining three STONES. They were destroyed, leaving only one STONE. NAVAL PIRANHA rose again, and was extremely furious. All SPIKED VINES went for THUNDAYOSHI, but he jumpeth. They all hit the last STONE, and started applying PRESSURE. THUNDAYOSHI landed on Yon COLLAPSING STONE, and thought he was doomed. However, thinking fast, he jumpeth at Yon PERFECT MOMENT. The STONE collapsed, leaving a gigantic GAP between one piece of GROUND and another. Jumping on Yon SMALL HEADS, he was able to grab something and held it fiercely. Bad for both sides, he grabbeth Yon BELLY BUTTON. NAVAL PIRANHA was enraged. All SPIKED VINES hit THUNDAYOSHI so hard, he was almost falling off. Thebn, NAVAL PIRANHA did the unexpected. She charged at Yon WATERFALLS, hoping to crush THUNDAYOSHI between Yon BELLY BUTTON and Yon ROCKS. With his last ounce of strenght, THUNDAYOSHI jumped again at Yon PERFECT MOMENT, and was being carried downwards by Yon WATERFALLS. All he could do was watch as NAVAL PIRANHA screamed a deadly SCREAM, and dried into STONE. She crumbled apart and was dead. THUNDAYOSHI fainted as he was speedly carried downwards towards Yon GAP"


Yon SEARCH Adventure4

"THUNDAYOSHI awaketh. He seems to be flying across Yon SKY. Confused, he looks behind him. Faintly and weakly, he can see PIRANHA RIVER in the distance, NAVAL PIRANHA nowhere to be found. Weakly, he congratulates himself for defeating Yon MONSTER and laying peace to Yon RIVER. Still confused as to where he is, he looks below. He is riding what seems to be Yon GOONIE. That is good. He is going forward, toward Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD. Thinking he will have a peaceful trip, lays down. However, he hears Yon NOISE. He looks to where Yon NOISE came from, and sees Yon GUSTY FLOCK. Still weak, he can't move correctly, and Yon GUSTY FLOCK almost hits Yon GOONIE he's riding, but hits him suqarely. Knocked out, he falls from Yon GOONIE into what appears to be Yon HOLY HEAVEN, the mountainous sky of legend. He hits ground.

THUNDAYOSHI opens his eyes, and suddenly feels strong and healthy. This must be due to Yon HEAVENLY ATMOSPHERE, which, according to legend, envelops the beings in it and gives them power and health. THUNDAYOSHI looks around. He sees that he is laying on Yon TALL SKY COLUMN (spellcheck). He looks up. Yon SKY contradicts its name. It is the most troubled sky you could find anywhere. Along the "bottom", many columns are there for platforming's sake, as well as Yon PINK PLATFORMS and Yon YELLOW PLATFORMS. Yon GOONIES fly about, together with Yon GUSTIES, Yon FUZZY and Yon TOADIE. Yon EGGPLANTS adorn Yon PINK PLATFORM and Yon COLUMNS, throwing Yon EGGS out their bodies. Clouds of many different shapes are there, including legendary Yon SURPRISE CLOUD. Amongst the clouds, Yon FLIGHTLESS GOONIES runeth about, and Yon LAKITUS hideth. Strangely, Yon COLUMNS also rise from Yon CLOUDS. When THUNDAYOSHI looks upwards, he can see a whole lot of Yon CLOUDS, some Yon ZEUS LAKITUS, BALOONS, FAT GOONIES, and another Yon EGGPLANT. Another TOADIE and FUZZY are there as well. Signs lead the way amongst Yon CLOUDS and COLUMNS.

Then atmosphere is heavenly, though. All beings there peacefully wandereth about, in harmony. Even THUNDAYOSHI thinks twice of staying tither or not. However, his thoughts of doing so quickly endeth, as he remembereth of Yon PROMISE.

-- I have to do this. - said him - I have to get to Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD and make Yon GOLDEN APPLE PIE for YOSHIBOY. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!

THUNDAYOSHI jumpeth and stoodeth up. He grabbed six Yon EGGS from nearby Yon EGGPLANT and tossed one at nearby Yon GOONIE. That made Yon GOONIE fly across and hit another Yon GOONIE, which caused both to explode and light nearby Yon COLUMN on fire, as well as nearby Yon YELLOW PLATFORM. That enraged their friend, Yon GUSTY, who attacked THUNDAYOSHI. THUNDAYOSHI swallowed Yon GUSTY, and before he could realize the mystery of What's Gusty Taste Like, he was attacked by Yon TOADIE, who hit him squarely in the head a total of seven times, but in the eight, missed and hit nearby Yon GOONIE, causing both to implode, which sendeth fire all over Yon SKY, which hit two EGGPLANTS adn Yon SMALL CLOUD. Yon FUZZY was distracted by Yon FIRE, but quickly charged at THUNDAYOSHI, who stupidly swallowed him.

Everything turned pink. Things were rotating and distorting themselves. Yon FIRE and Yon CLOUDS danced around with glee for some reason, and THUNDAYOSHI was spinning around for no reason whatsoever, without control of his body. GOONIES were doing GENERAL JORGE's signature TWISTFLY, and FAT GOONIES were flying higher than the normal ones.

Suddenly, everything returned to normal. Yon VISION wasn't pink, there was no dancing, no FAT GOONIES flying high and no GOONIES doing Yon TWISTFLY. THUNDAYOSHI jumpeth on Yon PLATFORMS and COLUMNS, reaching Yon FAT GOONIE, which tried rolling over THUNDAYOSHI, but got smacked right upside the head, and was sent zooming away below. Yon FLIGHTLESS GOONIE jumpeth at THUNDAYOSHI, but the same avoideth, and threw Yon FLIGHTLESS GONNIE at Yon GUSTY, making both exploded and lit a LOT of stuff on fire. Another FUZZY came by, but THUNDAYOSHI avoideth it, grabbed him by Yon HAIR, and threw him on Yon LAKITU, making the same an easy SWALLOW target. He then rode Yon BALLON upwards. TOADIES, GOONIES, FLIGHTLESS GOONIES, GUSTIES and FAT GOONIES attacked him. He swallowed Yon TOADIES after being bashed in the head, stepped on Yon GOONIES making them flightless, avoideth a lot of FLIGHTLESS GOONIES but was hit, groundpounded them all, and kocked Yon FAT GOONIES upside the head, making them zoom away below. He swallowed Yon LAKITU before he could do anything.

THUNDAYOSHI stoodeth in Yon COLUMN with Yon SIGN, and realized that was stupid. He was in the range of fire of the only remaining beings there: three Yon ZEUS LAKITUS. They started to throw Yon LIGHTNING FIRE everywhere. Two hit Yon CLOUDS and COLUMNS, and even Yon SURPRISE CLOUDS, making them explode without revealing anything. One hit THUNDAYOSHI. His body was burning up. Yon ELECTRICITY paralyzed him, and Yon FIRE burned his body and soul. However, he quickly "absorved" the power of Yon ATMOSPHERE and was slghtly healed. He could barely move, but even so, he got up. All three prepared Yon LIGHTNING FIRE again, but THUNDAYOSHI jumpeth at Yon PERFECT MOMENT, and Yon LIGHTNING FIRE hit two Yon ZEUS LAKITUS, destroying them. One remaineth. He threw one last LIGHTNING FIRE, but THUNDAYOSHI swallowed it, then threw it back at him. He was destroyed.

The only beings that remaineth were THUNDAYOSHI and one SURPRISE CLOUD. THUNDAYOSHI threw an egg at it and Yon GOLDEN GOONIE dropped from it. It glittered in the light, shining brightly. Yoshi got on it. It started flying towards Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD. THUNDAYOSHI looked back. What he had done was horrible. Yon HOLY HEAVEN was on fire. Yon ATMOSPHERE was getting dark. Yon CLOUDS dissipated, Yon COLUMNS and Yon MOUNTAINS collapsed. Nothing remaineth but Yon FEELING OF SORROW.

-- It's all because of Yon PROMISE... - said THUNDAYOSHI - ... all because of Yon PROMISE... for the sake of YOSHIBOY and his BIRTHDAY...

Yon GOLDEN GOONIE calmly flew to the distance, along with his sorrowful partner."


Yon SEARCH Adventure5

"After saying farewell to Yon GOLDEN GOONIE, THUNDAYOSHI entereth Yon CASTLE, hoping to findeth Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD. Everything was dark. THUNDAYOSHI could not see a thing. It was all silent inside. No noises were heardeth. THUNDAYOSHI heard steps from afar and above. And something passing really fast by him. He then heard a voice filled with tyrrany:


Lights went on. THUNDAYOSHI looked behind when he heardeth something from there. There was Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD behind him, ready to bump him into Yon LAVA POOL. However, THUNDAYOSHI was faster, and threw him into Yon LAVA POOL. Then THUNDAYOSHI analyzed the place. He was astouned.

The inside of Yon CASTLE was filled with Yon STONES, which made the flooring and ceiling. There was the small LAVA POOL in front of him, then a gigantic one further forward. Some STONES floated around, carrying all kinds of enemies - SPEAR GUYS, BULLET BILL LAUNCHERS, DR. FREEZEGOODS, ZEUS LAKITUS, FLIGHTLESS GOONIES, and a RED GUY up above. At the highest and furthest point in Yon CASTLE rested Yon DECISIVE DOOR, being guarded by Yon ELITE GUARD - GOONIES, FAT GOONIE, FLIGHTLESS GOONIE, BULLET BILL LAUNCER, TOADIE and ARMORED SPEAR GUY. Yon CASTLE was also filled with many TOADIES, SWOOPERS, and GUSTIES. There were SPIKED POLES on Yon STONES, and there was Yon GIANT GUY in front of THUNDAYOSHI. Two things shocked him, however. One was that NAVAL PIRANHA was back, but this time, in Yon LARGE LAVA POOL. Yon BELLY BUTTON was completely covered except for a few milimeters, so defeating her would be much harder this time around. The other shocking thing was that the one guarding Yon DECISIVE DOOR was Yon EMPEROR BOWSER, famed for having the greatest army and leading skill. Then THUNDAYOSHI realized this was his castle. Bowser's Castle.


Four SWOOPERS and a TOADIE attacked THUNDAYOSHI. He stomped the SWOOPERS, but was hit two times by the TOADIE before swallowing him. A BUMPTY and a DANCING SPEAR GUY dropped from above onto him, and he swallowed Yon BUMPTY, then spilled him at Yon SPEAR GUY, which made both fall in Yon LAVA POOL. He quickly licked Yon BULLET BILL LAUNCHER and threw it at Yon LAVA POOL to avoid problems, but a GUSTY hit him so hard he almost fell into Yon LAVA POOL, but THUNDAYOSHI swallowed it. THUNDAYOSHI was confronteth by GIANT GUY, who wrestled with him. They three puches and blocked each other blows, but then THUNDAYOSHI used his tongue to hit GIANT GUY several times, even paralyzing him for a moment. THUNDAYOSHI then took Yon CHANCE and, with a lot of challenge, swallowed GIANT GUY whole, making Yon GIGANTIC EGG. Then, two SWOOPERS and a DR. FREEZEGOOD attacketh him, but he used Yon EGGS to destroy them.

In Yon LAVA POOL, there stoodeth NAVAL PIRANHA, with Yon VINES at Yon READY. It seemeth GENERAL BOWSER restored her somehow. THUNDAYOSHI stepped forward, and she lunged Yon VINES at him. Two hit THUNDAYOSHI, but four missed and hit the stones, which shook a tad. These were, obviously, more resistant than the ones at PIRANHA RIVER. NAVAL PIRANHA trashed Yon VINES in Yon LAVA POOL, making Yon LAVA SHOWER, which almost hit THUNDAYOSHI. Then THUNDAYOSHI took Yon CHANCE. While NAVAL PIRANHA was trashing about, she exposed her BELLY BUTTON. Then THUNDAYOSHI, struggling, threw Yon GIGANTIC EGG at it. It hit squarely, and now it was Yon GIGANTIC HEAD of NAVAL PIRANHA that trashed around, while she screamed and sank into Yon LAVA POOL, turning into dust while doing so.

-- NOT AGAAAAINNNN---- -she was cut short because of her death.

Two SPEAR GUYS, one ARMORED and the other DANCING, charged at THUNDAYOSHI. Distracted, he was hit squarely and stumbled back, almost falling. When ARMORED SPEAR GUYS charged again, THUNDAYOSHI used his tongue to steal Yon SPEAR, then killed Yon ARMORED GUY with it, then did the same with DANCINGSPEAR GUY. A BULLET BILL was launched at THUNDAYOSHI, and he foolishly used Yon SPEAR to defend himself. Yon SPEAR exploded, but he had only small injuries. When another BULLET BILL was launched, he licked it and threw it back at Yon SHOOTER, and both exploded. Two ZEUS LAKITUS attacked him, but he threw the projectiles at nearby SWOOPER and ARMORED SPEAR GUY, killing them. Then he did then he did the same for nearby FAT GOONIE and FLIGHTLESS GOONIE. Three ZEUS LAKITUS now were tither. Yon GUSTY lunged at THUNDAYOSHI, but was thrown into Yon DR. FREEZEGOOD, and they both exploded. Yon three ZEUS LAKITUS attacked, and all hit THUNDAYOSHI. He collapsed right there. When he was about to faint, he remembered:

-- My Birthday Wish is you make a GOLDEN APPLE PIE at all costs for me! - said his friend YOSHIBOY. - It's really important. The apples from the Secret Apple Orchard are said to cure any illness, and my mother is dieing, so...

-- No problem! - said THUNDAYOSHI - When the time comes, I'll depart and get it at all costs! It's Yon PROMISE!

-- Yeah... - answered YOSHIBOY - Yon PROMISE...


He jumpeth at Yon ZEUS LAKITUS so fast, they didn't know what killed them. Then he proceedeth forever forward. He dodged Yon SPIKES, deafeated Yon GUSTY, Yon SWOOPER, Yon BULLET BILL LAUNCHER, all with Yon EGGS that heproduced with the same Yon ENERGY that he used agains NAVAL PIRANHA. The other SWOOPER was no match for him, but Yon GIANT GUY bothered him a bit, but was soon thrown into Yon LAVA POOL raging below. He threw Yon TOADIE at Yon SWOOPER and Yon GUSTY, destroying them as usual. ZEUS LAKITU actually hit him again, but THUNDAYOSHI used Yon ENERGY to form Yon SHIELD. Yon SHIELD broke when the projectile hit it, but Yon LIGHTNING FIRE was sent back at ZEUS LAKITU, who was friend instantly. Yon RED GUY jumped at him, but was sent back and hit a GUSTY, killing Yon GUSTY but not Yon RED GUY. Yon RED GUY had to hit Yon TOADIE and Yon BULLET BILL SHOOTER before dieing like the rest of them.

There stoodeth Yon ELITE GUARD, guarding Yon DECISIVE DOOR. Yon FLIGHTLESS GOONIE bashed THUNDAYOSHI a lot, but he was defeated when THUNDAYOSHI kicked him in thy face at Yin PERFECT MOMENT, resulting in a fatal Yon CRITICAL HIT. TOADIE and ARMORED SPEAR GUY joined, with TOADIE attaching himself to Yon SPEAR. ARMORED TOADIE GUY then speared THUNDAYOSHI in the chest, but THUNDAYOSHI was not physically harmed. However, he could still feel the pain. He assumeth that TOADIE had the power to hit Yon ENERGY that rested in THUNDAYOSHI's body. However, THUNDAYOSHI used his tongue's paralyzing powers to startle the connection between Yon GUARDS, and they separated, still dazed. Both fell to the power of Yon ENERGY SPEAR THUNDAYOSHI had createth. Yon GOONIES used Yon CROSSFLY to hit THUNDAYOSHI like a scissor, slicing his energy, severely weaking him. However, they were also weakened, so THUNDAYOSHI used Yon ENERGY to heal and swallowed both. There stoodeth Yon FAT GOONIE, leader and stongest of Yon ELITE GUARD. He rooled over to THUNDAYOSHI, who jumpeth to reach Yon DECISIVE DOOR, but FAT GOONIE ricocheted back and hit him. He was startled, and was rolled over. However, after being rolled over, he took Yon CHANCE and used Yon GROUDPOUND, finishing Yon FAT GOONIE. He went for Yon DECISIVE DOOR, but it vanished. The entire castle shook and collapsed, along with the drying LAVA POOLS that turned into dust.

THUNDAYOSHI fell and fell and fell until hit Yon GIGANTIC STONE. BOWSER stoodeth tither.

-- Why doth you sekk Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD?

-- My friend's mother is ill, and only Yon GOLDEN APPLES from Yon GOLDEN APPLE TREE can cure her.

-- I see. But do you see what shall happen if you tooketh Yon GOLDEN APPLES? - BOWSER snaps his fingers, and an orb appears on the air. It shows Yoshi's Island dieing. - This shall happen. Yon GOLDEN APPLE TREE was giventh to me for safekeeping.

-- I see you will not let me pass...

-- I will.

-- Why? That will ruin Yon ISLAND.

-- I know. However, there is Yon RUMOR. It says that Yon GOLDEN TREE alone cannot be used to save Yon DIEING ISLAND. The one who held it must love Yon ISLAND from the bottom of his or her heart.

-- So then...

-- You taketh it. I have been loving Yon ISLAND for years, and I am very young. I will have to make my children love it as well one day, so it can live. But if I can't, I'll know I trieth.

-- You are a wonderfull emperor, BOWSER... my old enemy and friend.

-- Yea, after your Yon ANCESTORS had defeateth my Yon ANCESTOR, you consequently turneth into my enemy... however it shall not be like that. We hath lived in peace and it will stay like that. Right, friend?

-- Right, friend. I have done amazing things to get here to my prize, but horrible things also...

-- Oh, don't bother with Yon HEAVENLY HEAVEN. It was making everyone who went tither crazy. They got tither for one minute, and wanted to stay forever. You helped everyone. Now go take your prize...

DECISIVE DOOR appeared in the center of Yon GIGANTIC STONE.

-- Thanks, my friend... - THUNDAYOSHI entereth Yon DOOR.

Yon SEARCH Adventure6

He was in Yon SECRET APPLE ORCHARD. Yon APPLES were truly beautiful, as YOSHIBOY had once said. THUNDAYOSHI approached Yon GOLDEN APPLE TREE and took it's APPLES. Then, right on the spot, made Yon GOLDEN APPLE PIE. He comemorated as the ISLAND didn't die. He now had confidence his friend would keep it alive. He walked out of KOOPA CASTLE, bidding farewell to his friend, who responded with a smile, and called GOLDEN GOONIE, whot ook him home.

-- YOSHIBOY! - he shouted after comign back.

-- THUNDAYOSHI! - the friend responded - And that's... Yon GOLDEN APPLE PIE! Thank you so much! Now mother shall live!

-- No problem! I was glad to help you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Yon SEARCH Adventureend


The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles Progress:
1-1: The Tale of Peach Forest: 100%

1-2: Yoshi Tribe's Sky Voyage!: 100%

1-3: The Tap-taps are Rocking It!: 100%

1-4: The Many Sewers of Bad Boing: 0%
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