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 Important: The Rules

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Title : I can't wait until we move away from this shitty forum.
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Important: The Rules Empty
PostSubject: Important: The Rules   Important: The Rules EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 5:56 pm

These are the forum rules. You are expected to abide by them, or risk being banned. These rules and guidelines are subject to change with or without notice.

Section 1: Behaviour

1A. No flaming or trolling
Flaming is a fight over the internet, whilst trolling is trying to get someone to flame. Both will result in a 24 hour ban. If you keep doing it, we will Super Ban you. Also, do not flame users from other sites.

1B. No Spamming
Spamming is the act of posting short, pointless messages like "lol" or "XD" Spamming will get you a 24 hour ban. Repetitive spamming will get you a ban.

1C. No excessive swearing/cursing
There are no word censors, so it's OK for you to swear once or twice per post. But swearing in every sentence is just plain dumb and does make you look cool at all. First you'll receive a warning, then for the second time and so forth, you'll receive 24 hour bans. If you keep on doing it, we will block you from posting.

1D. Keep your grammar and spelling normal
We don't want to see garbarge like "hi i'm new to hcking halp plz kthxbai" We don't mind if English is not your Native Language, but please proofread your posts before you post them. First four times will be warnings and then we will give you a permaban.

1E. No Backseat Moderating
As it says, no acting like a mod when you're not. For example "User X should be banned" or "InB4thelock" Backseat moderating results in a 1 hour ban for the first offence, then after that it will be 24 hour bans.

1F. No Excessive Punctuation/Capitalization
Please don't over use Exclamation/Question Marks, for example


Doing so will get your post edited by a Staff Member. Constantly doing this will get you a ban.

Ever! The only time you can, is if we have staff applications. PM'ing myself or Thundahack to be staff will result in a ban of unspecified length, possibly permanent! Don't do it! Ever!

Section 2: Posting

2A. No Quote Pyramids
We have a game in the Forum Games section for that. You can only have a quote inside a quote. It will make the thread lag, and if you keep doing it you will get a slice of ban cake.

2B. Have Relevance To Your Posts
Sides notes at the bottom to replying to someone else in a thread is allowed, but must be at the bottom of your post and you need to have something relevant to the thread itself (and this doesn't mean say nice picture and make a whole side note paragraph; the side note should only be two sentences at the most). If not complied to, a warning given followed by 24-hour bans.

2C. No Table Stretching
Stretching the tables is having the whole post field widen because you have long text without any spaces or a large image (see: 4A). This is not accepted. You will recieve a warning and again, a 24-hour ban each time after.

2D. No Messing With the Site's Code
Some people have good HTML and CSS knowledge and can mess things up in the threads. We will not have anyone destroying the code for this site. Doing so will be a 24-hour ban the first time and then a 48-hour ban after. Once more, and we will ban you permanently.

2E. No Flashy Posts
We get having colored text, but making bright and dark colors switching about every word/letter just looks awful. It would be hard to read and could make people's eyes hurt. First time will be yet a warning again, and then 24-hour bans.

2F. No Postcount++ Threads or Posts
We do not want a whole lot of threads/posts because people want to increase their post amount. It is just downright stupid and dumb. Having more posts means nothing. People with less posts with more detail are looked upon more than those with a lot of posts but very little detail. If we find you have been doing this, you will have your postcount lowered and you will take 1 week away from here to think about your actions. If you still didn't figure it out, well, you will then lose your account (permaban).

2G. 2G - No Double Posting
If you do not know what this is, it's making a post right after another post you made. If you want more information or want to include something else into your post, there's a button at the bottom of your post which says "Edit". Use it, since we will consider it being postcount++. Double posts will be merged. Doing this too much will cause the above punishment of one week without this epic place and then never coming back to the epicness.

2H. Do Not Bump Old Threads
Bumping threads is when a thread has had no post in it and is not on the first page of threads. We will not tolerate this, but if it your own thread, we will allow it, but simply making a useless post to send it to the top is really annoying. First time will be a warning followed by 24 hour bans. Bumped threads will be closed and possibly trashed. If it's a sticky, feel free to post in it whenever.

2I. Look for Existing Threads or Stickies
If you make a thread that is pretty much the same exact thing as another or there was a sticky for a post you made a whole thread for, you will be dealt with. First time is a warning and then followed by 24 hour bans. Your thread will be trashed/closed.

2J. Proofread Your Posts
Read it over just to make sure that it is clearly typed at your best. We do not want people to be submitting posts that could possibly make no sense at all because they didn't read it over. Having posts like above will give you a warning, and every other time you do it, we will tattoo "BANNED" across your forehead and remove it after 24 hours.

2K. Keep your threads/postings in the right areas
We have seperate boards for a reason. Talking about stuff in a forum that doesn't suit it will have the thread moved over to the appropriate forum, and if just plainly useless, will be dumped in the garbage. First time will be a warning followed by 24-hour bans.
Section 3: Content

3A. No Adult Material
There are people here who have not reached their adulthood and some adults that do not want to be looking at things like porn and the such. Posting anything like this will result in a 24-hour ban for the first offense, the second being a 72-hour ban, and the third being a permaban, seeing we'll have realized you would never stop posting such rubbish.

3B. No Illegal Materials
Having content like official music made from artists or bands will not be accepted and same goes for things like cracks (if you don't know what a crack is, it's a file that is used to change free trial versions of files or such and make them a full version that costs money (pretty much theft)) and ROMs (video games used for PC play). Music is fine as long as you recomposed the song or if it is your own creation (with the exception of video game music). First time is same as above being a 24-hour, then 72-hour, and finally permaban.
Section 4: Other Stuff

4A. Rules to Images
Images do not have to be any format, size, or a dimension limit, but if they are to be embedded onto the page, they MUST be under 600x600 pixels, PNG or GIF format (they're the best, anyways), must not hurt people's eyes, and cannot exceed 1MB. First time is a warning while every time after will be a 24-hour ban.

4B. No Advertising
Advertising is allowed through your signature, but we will not let you use it in posts or such. We do not want to see your website address or any other place you have linked to when we go to threads. First time is a warning and after that will be constant 24-hour bans.

*4C. No Multi Accounts
Seeing as you were permabanned, many users could possibly re-register an account so that they can still come here and try to torment us some more. If this does happen, we will ban the account as soon as possible and we will ban your IP completely. It is strictly not allowed.

*If you have another family member that wants to register, please let us know before making another account with the same IP address.

Last edited by Jeorge535 on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:43 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Added Staff rule.)
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Important: The Rules
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